Mari Strydom and Antoinette Kriel, SAQG Accredited National Quilt Judges, will be teaming up to help and empower quilters by offering a Quilt Assessment Service!

We believe that judging is about educating and encouraging quilters of all skill levels, by being knowledgeable, fair and having respect for the craftsmanship and traditions of quilt-making.


Being a quilt judge is a huge responsibility and needs to be taken seriously and done with integrity.

We also believe that judging is a humbling experience and embraces empathy – to be aware of the many hours the quilter spent to create a quilt, willing to share, and learn from the comments offered by the judges.  We believe in being objective and open-minded and in providing meaningful and positive feedback, for the ultimate goal must always be to help and encourage the quilt-maker!

By offering a Quilt Assessment Service we believe we can provide a valuable service to guild members and quilt artists who would like their work assessed in a non-threatening environment.  It can help the prospective entrant in a competition to assess the overall quality and standard of workmanship and design in his/her work.  This way the quilt-maker can be encouraged by successes and learn from mistakes to be better prepared when entering in the next show or National competition, or simply improve as a quilt-maker.
Quilters can expect an objective, constructive and informed assessment of their work in the form of written comments.  Advice can also be given on the possible category and/or style of the quilt.

Cost:  R50 per quilt

To be of further service to your group or regional guild we are also available to be a Quilt Registrar or Quilt Keeper for a competition; to run a judging room; to serve as a juror or judge; to curate a show or exhibition; or to give talks, illustrated lectures or demonstrations to your local groups or regional guilds.